Total Gym XLS Review, Rating & Chuck Norris

Total Gym XLS Review, Rating & Chuck Norris

4.8 / 5

Overall Score

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Just Great  /  This machine is simply one of the best home-gyms there is. It’s quite expensive, however you get just about everything you could ask for. It folds, is easy to clean, is adjustable, doesn’t take up a lot of space and can be easily transported. It is able to handle people up to 400 lbs. Can also be used for around 80 exercises which more than any other rival machine on the market. It looks great, is very sturdy, very comfortable, precise, smooth and has many awesome features.

Not so Good  /  Could be a little cheaper. Although there isn’t any similar type machines that can compare to Total Gym XLS the value you get for the price isn’t perfect either. Personal value/price rating 4 out of 5. Besides that, there really aren’t any cons to I could find.

All in All  /  Whatever your physique , this machine will give you the best experience home fitness equipment could get. It is a quality buy that you just can’t regret. For anyone with a big enough budget it is the best choice for a home trainer. Simply the best glide-board home-gym on the market. Period.

Total Gym XLS Reviews In Detail


You might feel like you have seen this machine somewhere before and if that’s what you think – you are probably right. This piece of equipment was one of the first incline bench glide-board trainers that was mainly created to aid people that were recovering from injuries and disabilities. It worked perfectly and so it became number one home-gym for people of all ages and physiques. But that’s unlikely why you’ve heard of this product. At one point in its advertising career, the already successful company, had Chuck Norris & Christie Brinkley appear in their ad. It may have worked at the time, but many people nowadays find the ad a little a bit too cheesy and hard to believe. However, unlike that somewhat fishy, old ad – “it works”.

It is a fairly small trainer that uses your weight for exercises. It has an incline bench and a couple of pulleys on each side that you use to pull up the gliding board that you are sitting on. In addition to that it has a couple other parts for other kinds of exercises. Also, there are a lot of other mountable parts that don’t originally come with the package, enabling you to do other kinds of exercises.  The steepness of the bench can be adjusted resulting in variable resistance and a product that can be used by experienced and inexperienced people alike.

Quality, Performance & Ease of Use

As expected from a product that costs just around $850, the quality is incomparable to most of the rival machines. As mentioned before it is likely the very best incline bench home fitness machine on the market. Needless to say, it is very sturdy having been made of high quality materials that won’t give out on you for many, many years… That is unless you are way above 400 lbs. It is also protected by a 6-month warranty on all parts and a Lifetime warranty on the frame! Talk about confident.

Not surprisingly – its performance is top-notch. The mechanical parts are extremely precise and smooth. They were made to be sensitive enough for injured people use and are sure to give you the best exercise experience possible.

Besides that, it is very easy to clean. The cover materials are made from well-treated faux leather that is sturdy and smooth. Other parts are either metal and plastic that are, too, easy to clean. Although it does have parts that might be harder to access – it is still very easy. It does also fold for easy storage so you can save space whenever not in use. In addition to that, it comes assembled so you can leave that tool box in the shed.

Design & Comfort

TGXLS  Pic 4As expected for such an expensive apparatus, the design is fairly complicated yet easy to use. While it might seem simple at first – it can actually have many different parts added to it or swapped should you want to. Basically, it can have many different functions that can be added or removed with ease for different types of exercises.

It also extremely comfortable. The bench (glideboard) is designed ergonomically and very well padded for increased comfort for users up to 400 lbs in weight. Handles are, too, very comfortable. They are flexible nylon strap that won’t strain your hands in any way. Every other part of the machine that you are going to be in contact with is also padded.

This machine is very comfortable in general and there’s really no cons concerning comfort. You will exercise with no discomfort at all. Much better than most expensive machines out there.


Just like most of this type of machines, this has plenty of exercises that can be done on it. You will be able to train every muscle group – just as you would in a gym. Additionally the exercises aren’t all just muscle training. This machine does cardio, strength training, stretching and whatever else you can think of. The package comes with a wall chart of 35 simple exercises that you can start out with. In total, however, this machine, unlike any other machine of this kind, can handle over 80 exercises! It’s a huge number for anyone, safe to say your exercise rotation will be very fun.

But there is more to it than that. It comes with a complete line of workouts and workout tools. That includes 5 workout DVDs, Training Deck, Exercise Chart that I’ve mentioned before and even Nutritional/Meal Planning Guide! Each of the DVD’s doesn’t just have the simple “exercise how to’s” but complete workouts including the time you should spend doing them etc. The workouts are definitely effective and will help you shape or train your body the way you like.

Recommended User Weight

Probably the second best thing about this machine is its ability to handle weights up to whooping 400lbs. It means that just about anyone can train on this machine despite their size or body build. If you find yourself above the weight limit I would not recommend using it. However, I seriously doubt being just a little above the limits will damage this machine in any way.

Attachments & Muscle Growth and Strength Training

It also has plenty of attachments for different types of exercises and more resistance. The ones that come with the package are wing attachment, leg pull accessory and squat stand. In case you aren’t aware, wing attachment is used for back and arm muscles. You can think of it as a pull up bar or a decline push up bar – depending where you attach it to.

Besides those there are attachments that can be bought separately such as Total Gym Ab Crunch, Pilates Toe Bar and similar. They aren’t really necessary but in case you are hell bent on certain types of exercises, knowing that you can always upgrade your machine is a good thing.

If you find this machine lacking in resistance for your muscle or strength growth goals you can purchase a Total Gym Weight Bar that can be attached underneath the “glideboard”. It isn’t all that expensive but it doesn’t come with barbells so you would have to purchase those separately. Nonetheless it’s an awesome option for anyone that’s looking for a bit more punch.

All in All

TGXLS  Pic3Although expensive, it’s simply one of a kind home-gym that works for anyone! It’s flexible, smooth, precise, very sturdy and very comfortable. Looks good too! Plenty of exercises to choose from, variable resistances and plenty of other sweet features. TG XLS is very likely the best glide-board home-gym on the market that is loved by everyone and even recommended by doctors. You can see local shop reviews for Total Gym XLS here. If you have the money to spend you should definitely write this name down at the top of your fitness equipment for home list.

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